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US Parents Get Digital After Dark

Apr 15, 2019

After their kids are tucked in, 71% of mothers and 60% of fathers use social media; 66% of mothers and 53% of fathers said they talk on the phone or text. Moms are more likely than dads to use this time for interaction with people outside of the household, according to an August 2018 survey by Brigham Young University and Deseret News.

Gaming Goes Mainstream, but Play Varies by Gender and Age

Apr 14, 2019

Gaming has gone mainstream, with 86% of internet users worldwide noting they have gamed on at least one device within the past month, and that figure climbed to 92% among those ages 16 to 24, according to a March 2019 report from GlobalWebIndex.

Retailers Are Interested in, but Wary of, Location-Based Marketing

Apr 11, 2019

For retailers considering an investment in emerging technologies, location-based marketing stands out as a key area of interest.

Mobile Web vs. Mobile App: Where Do Shoppers Spend Time and Money?

Apr 07, 2019

In 2018, total worldwide app revenues grew 63% year over year, according to app commerce company Poq. Additionally, time spent in shopping apps grew 45% from two years prior, per data from App Annie.

What Retailers Need to Know About Gen Z

Apr 01, 2019

Gen Z is a tough generation for retailers to figure out. They grew up on the internet, but don't like to be targeted with ads there, and crave authenticity in all of their interactions. We parsed the research to help retailers figure it out.