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Can Marketers Overcome Ad Blocking in the US?

Jan 03, 2019

Consumers are fed up with digital ads. Even though ad blocking has faded out of the headlines, usage rates are still significant as a result of bad advertising experiences across the board. Now the advertising industry has to earn consumers' trust back. We talked to publishers and ad tech execs about how they are looking to improve digital ads and reduce ad blocking use.

Here’s How Brands like KFC Are Combating Ad Blockers

Dec 27, 2018

For KFC, acknowledging the distracting nature of digital ads and making the experience more enjoyable is key. "That may manifest itself in an 8-hour interactive live stream of a room full of kittens playing with a Colonel-shaped cat climber," said Steve Kelly, director of media and digital at the fast-food chain.

Five Charts: Why Users Are Fed Up with Digital Ads

Oct 16, 2018

Invasive and retargeted ads are turning some people to ad blocking. Surveys indicate that users are increasingly finding digital ads to be too intrusive.